SOSA Committee 2018/2019

President (31/7/19)

Harriet Langridge

Vice President (31/7/19) and Reunion Secretary (31/7/19)

Navid Sadrzadeh

General Secretary (31/7/20) and Retiring President (31/7/19)

Ashley Shirlin

Treasurer (31/7/21)

Paul Roberts

School Committee Representatives

Amanda Brown (31/12/21)

Margaret Shelley (31/12/19)

Membership Secretary (31/7/21)

Holly Poncini

SOSA Committee Members

Tom Williams (31/7/21)

Annie Broe(31/7/20)

Edd Frost (31/7/19

School Members

Toby Spence, Head

Ali Bromhall, Community Development Officer and Honorary SOSA Magazine Editor

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