Reunion June 2013

Held  during the School’s Open Day on 15th  June, 2013

REVIEW  OF THE SOSA ANNUAL REUNION, compiled  by Christine and Ian Weatherhead.

Meeting  up for coffee and cakes in the marquee on the playing fields under windy,  cloudy ominous conditions, does that sound like a Sibford Reunion Weekend?

Holmby  House reunion for some.  Local B &  B’s for others……they all gathered at Sibford, some beforehand, some on the day.

There  are hardly any words to describe this extremely special day and for some, weekend  reunion. It seems to have been enhanced by the 50th anniversary  gathering of those who left around 1963 which was superbly organised by Paul  Frampton.  An excellent buffet lunch was  organised for this group of around 60 people some of whom hadn’t been back to  Sibford since leaving school. This seems to be a strong pointer to encouraging future  year group gatherings.

It seems  the Association has been blessed with a particularly capable and happy  committee who have worked hard in the most jovial of ways to bring together numerous  Old Scholars to mark what was called by the ‘Head’, Michael Goodwin as  ‘transformation’.  The Old Scholars and The School have an  exceptionally good and happy working relationship.  This was apparent throughout the weekend.

Tours of  the school were enjoyed by Old Scholars – positive change was noted – not only  in the art building and the swimming pool but the fabulously renovated Main  Hall – what a difference.  The school is  flourishing academically, in the community, in the area of horticultural and in  sports.

Throughout  the weekend, or day, the Quaker ethos emerged – some returning for the first  time in many years, others having returned for the umpteenth time.  All of them recounting thoughtfully what  Sibford and the Quaker ethos had taught them. The recurring theme was, they  learned whom they were and why they were at Sibford and how they could make a small significant  difference to the world in which they were fortunate enough to live.  What Old Scholars had carried through their  lives intangibly?  Everyone so enjoyed  meeting up with old students they hadn’t seen perhaps in a long time.  Interesting life projects were shared and a  good laugh remembered of shared times gone by.

Our  President, Edd Frost gave a moving, as well as an amusing President’s Address  at his delicious and well attended Presidential Dinner.  By the way, the catering manager Mark Higgins  and his staff are excellent not only providing delicious food but the  presentation was artful as well which made a fun gathering even more fun.  The catering staff seem to be people who  obviously enjoy what they are doing and the Old Scholars were very grateful.

It was  such fun to see the School in action on their Open Sports Day too.

A great reunion,  a joy to attend.  On behalf of all who  attended, thank you to everyone who worked so diligently to put it all  together.  Hopefully we shall meet again  next year.

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