The pupil’s perspective of life at Sibford School between 1842 -2017 Written and compiled by Michael Finch to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of the School’s foundation on 1st January 2017.

 Extracted from Reminiscences from the School Archives, written by old scholars, from 1842 -2017


Whilst reviewing ‘A view from the Hill’ which I wrote in 2010, one of the areas which I felt I’d omitted were ex pupils perceptions and memories of their times dating back to 1842. I have since researched and found some fascinating stories of how students’ at Sibford perceived their stay there – most had very positive recalls but a few had more negative memories which were nevertheless important in understanding of how Sibford School worked and the effect it had upon their lives and to give the wider community a fundamental understanding of what an amazing institution the School was and is.

I’m starting this revised look at Sibford’s history with my own memories of Sibford, as a Pupil, which I briefly outlined in ‘A view from the Hill’.

The Richard and Rebecca Routh era 1842-1880

Jane Shemeld

The School of Robert Brearley Oddie – December 1880 until August 1906

Sibford’s ‘Golden’ Age – The Harrods era 1906 until 1930

1930 until 1956 – The Johnstone Era

Ian Hedger

Mike Finch