5 thoughts on “June 2019 Reunion”

  1. Hello Ashley.
    Have tried repeatedly to access the “On Line Booking” page, but every time get “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Please try searching below:” Can you help please.
    Just a thought, if yoyu gave the Sort Code and Account Number payment could be made by BACS, possibly saving SOSA bank charges.
    All the best; In friendship Richard Wrigley

  2. Hello Ashley
    Access to “On Line Booking” page now works, though when I press “Add to Cart” the message “Sucessfully Added to Cart” comes up, BUT when I go on to check order I only have one meal charged (am trying to book 3 meals, Saturday lunch and dinner). Have tried several times, all with the same result !
    All the best; In friendship Richard Wrigley

    1. When you are on the page that you press the button several times how many items has it got next to the Cart button at the top?
      If it says the appropriate number of meals then the orders are included.
      On the next page you may find that all the meals are listed individually. If you scroll down the page you will hopefully find everything you have ordered.
      (Also, you can update the number of meals on the second page. For example, if it says 1 then if you change that to 3 and press the tab button it will update the order.)
      Sorry this isn’t the most intuitive of procedures, I’m using a freeware package to save SOSA money… Next year we’ll buy some proper software!

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