Edd Frost, President, 2014-2015

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It hardly seems like twelve months ago that I was preparing to submit my presidential profile from my first time of office back in September 2012. It was quite special to have also taken over the reigns, once more from last year’s present Caroline Mills, someone I was at actually at Sibford with, although a few years apart.

My hopes and aims this year are, as it was in 2012/13, is to build upon the relationship with the school and the old scholars that left the in the 1980’s. I started my time at Sibford in the mid 80’s. Currently the SOSA membership seems to be very light of past pupils during this time. It would be fantastic to entice some more old scholars back, building upon the momentum from two years ago. Two years ago we invited and were joined by ex-members of staff Chris Bateman, Bryan Holliday, Stuart Headley, David Foulds, Chris Guy and Anne Muir. They all returned and we very much hope they will again this year as invited guests and I will certainly be looking to invite more staff from my time at the school again next year. 2015 happens to also be 25 years since I started my time at Sibford as a pupil. Being that very small, blonde and cocky 11 year old boy seems a life time ago.

Next year’s Open Day and Reunion on June 13th we in SOSA are planning to provide a lunch for past pupils from the 80’s together with the ex-members of staff that we can get hold of who also were at the school. These lunches have been a real success over the last few years where different year groups have gathered and enjoyed their time together celebrating 50 years and 40 years of being at the school. I very much look forward to serving my second term of my presidency and very much hope to fulfil the aim once more of a reunion and giving those attending Open Day at Sibford for the first time in many years a real opportunity to see the Sibford as it is today and the fantastic changes that have taken place.

Edd Frost

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