• waters on said:

    hi ash, just seen old rugby photos and i,m sure i was in the 73,72 team but cant reconise me. did i miss the photo shoot or what? Also are there any of the cricket teams because i played in those as well. Even got my colours one year. Be interesting to know. Best wishes trotty.

    • ashleyshirlin on said:

      Hi Trotty, the only photo I can see you in is the 1974 Rugby team where you are in the middle of the bottom row. Don’t think I have any photo’s of the 1974 footy team… Ashley

      • waters on said:

        Hi ash, not worried about footy teams as never good enough,.thought might be a couple of the old cricket teams as i was in the first eleven, be nice if any are about, all the best trotty.

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