New Post (ie New President, SOSA Committee, Forthcoming Event, Magazine, Newsletter, Obituary, Reunion Report, Contact Person)

If you wish to add new content (except Photo Albums) to the site you will need to have the appropriate level of user authority. Email if you would like this.

When entering a New Post it is IMPORTANT that you select the appropriate Post Category as this defines where your contribution will appear. For example, if you wish to post information on a Forthcoming Event then that is the Category that you need to select. Once you have completed the New Post Page your information will appear on that page.

The Featured Image is the primary picture that you wish to be associated with the Post. It is best to only have one Featured Image. However, this doesn’t stop you having more pictures. For example, under the Archive Menu option there is a sub-section for Reunion Reports. For the June 2013 Report various photos intersperse the text. The easiest way of achieving this is to create a MS Word document with the article as you wish to see it with any photos placed where you want inside the text. Then, simply, select everything within the MS Word document, copy, then paste into the Post Content.

Tags can be very powerful. You may have noticed throughout the site a Search box. When you Search for a keyword the site looks for a match against any Tags placed against a Post plus any Picture Captions.

List Posts

Should you wish to list all the posts that you have ever made, possibly with the idea of changing Content then this is the area to do it.

New Photo Album

Creating a New Photo Album is slightly more tricky but nevertheless easy enough with a bit of practice if you have the appropriate User Authority Level.

Prior to creating a new Album you need to email with the Title of your Album so that he can create Media Category for the Album Photos.

To save time it is a good idea to create a Folder on your computer containing all the photos that you wish included in the Album.

On the New Photo Album page you can see the Add One or More Photos button. When you select this you are directed to a new page which has two tabs in the top left of the screen: Upload Files and Media Library. Select the Upload Files tab then press the Select Files button in the middle of the screen.

A popup box will appear which will allow you to navigate to the folder on your computer where you placed your photos. Select all of the photos (hold down the Shift button and click on the 1st photo, hold down the Shift again and click on the last Photo will select all files) then press Open – the photos will then be uploaded to the site.

When the upload is complete (this may take some time depending on the number of photos, their size and the speed of your internet connection) thumbnails of your photos will appear with a tick in the top right of each image.

Click on each thumbnail (not the tick box) in turn and update the information on the right hand side of the screen. In particular enter a Caption for each photo so that the Search facility will pick up the photo and also select the Media Category that Ashley has set up for you. (Although selection the Media Category isn’t mandatory it makes life a lot easier if you need to delete any photo’s in the future)

When you’ve completed this, press the Select Images button in the bottom right of the screen. On the next screen press the Publish button in the upper right area of the screen and the Album is now on the site.

As  a final task email if you wish your Album to be listed under the Photos section on the main site.

List Albums

Once you have created an Album you may wish to add further pictures, change information or indeed delete pictures. In order to achieve this you list the albums.

The displayed list shows all albums but you are only allowed to Edit those Albums that you yourself have created. (Should you wish to change someone else’s album email


If the Membership Secretary wishes to amend data then they should first sign on and then either follow this link or select the Users Option under Administration.

(Note: there is an option at the bottom of the User Screen that allows for all users to be downloaded)

Reunion Attendees

To edit the Reunion Attendees page sign on and follow this link: